How to show your Greenpass on your Garmin Fenix 6 Device

GreenPass Garmin Fenix 6

You want to put your Greenpass to a Garmin Device? Follow these steps and you’re all set.

  1. Open your Greenpass Document (PDF) with your prefered Image editor
  2. Draw a circle around the QR-Code square wich is exactly touching the outher edges of the QR-Code square (the grey square is just for hiding my QR-Code) Draw another Square wich is holding exactly the circle.

3. Delete the circle line

4. Cut the image to the size of the square and save it on your desktop

5. Upload the image to your prefered online storage (Google Drive, iCloud etc) and copy the URL Link to the image.

6. Use your Connect IQ App and install the free Widget JPEG image viewer

7. Copy the image URL to the first slot and delete all other slots if needed. Set Dithering to „Off“

8. Save your settings and sync your Device

9. You have now the ImageViewer Widget installed on your device. Press Start to show the QR-Code Image.

10. Scan the QR-Code for verifying your GreenPass!